Isabel Carmona


Isabel Carmona lives in Newbury, UK where she practices as an artist and teacher. She is an avid urban sketcher and watercolour is her passion.  Since 2014, when she set up Pushing Your Sketching Boundaries, she teaches drawing and painting on location internationally.  In Newbury, she co-founded City Arts Newbury, a community art hub where she teaches watercolour painting, drawing, book binding and printmaking. 

In 2019, she has published her first book Brighton, Watercolour Memories, collecting her sketches over 25 years of the city of Brighton, UK.  Currently, she is working on a personal project walking/cycling and sketching the Thames river from the estuary to the source.

As an artist she is part of West Berkshire and North Hampshire Open Studios scheme and joined the Oxford Printmakers Cooperative in 2013.