Pushing your Books


We are happy to present Pushing your Books, where we publish drawn books that tell stories about places and people.

Brighton: Watercolour Memories

There is a new book Brighton: Watercolour Memories coming out early July 2019 by Isabel Carmona Andreu.

Brighton is always changing and Isabel wants to share her memories of the transformation with you through her watercolour sketches and paintings. More than fifty watercolour trace the development of this city and of Isabel’s style from 1995 to 2019.

From August 2019 you can order your book here.

The first book, Ein Stunden Aufenthalt/One Hour Wait by Rolf Schroeter came out in November 2018 a collaboration with Rolf , who has spent more than two years visiting and sketching at ZOB, Berlin’s main bus station, capturing those moments just before or in between journeys, one hour at a time. His drawings together with his commentary  are collected in this book.  The stories are sometimes sad, sometimes funny, always human, in his unmistakable brush pen strokes.

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