Past workshops

We have been organising workshops since 2014. Below are the links to each of the workshops and their locations:


PYSB_BCN_2018_1200x660Barcelona – April2018

PYSB_cadiz_2018_470x470Cadiz – February 2018

logo_workshops_berlin_square3 Berlin – September 2017

logo_workshops_rotterdam_square3 Rotterdam – August 2017

logo_workshops_bristol_square3 Bristol –  June 2017  

logo_pysb_bcn_2017 Barcelona – Easter 2017

 Málaga 2016 – At the Fundación Pablo Picasso Casa Natal in Malaga, Spain

 Brighton 2016 – At the Marwood Cafe in Brighton, UK

 Newbury 2016 – At City Arts Newbury in Newbury, UK Segovia 2015 – At the Colegio de Arquitectos de Segovia, Segovia, Spain Oxford 2015  At the Museum of Oxford in Oxford, UK Coventry 2015At the Herbert Gallery in Coventry, UK
 Oxford 2014Our First Workshop at the Old Fire Station in Oxford, UK