New Year Raffle 2018

We are happy to announce a surprise to all our Pushing Your Sketching Boundaries attendees! Since 2014 we’ve received contributions from various art materials providers that we wanted to give away as presents; so, we collected all the names of our attendees (as many times as they attended) from 2014 to 2017 in a hat and got my partner to draw the names out of a hat.

In addition we added a special prize: one free PYSB workshop during 2018.

The art materials in the raffle included:

Rosemary and Co Brushes Watercolour Travel brushes  (1 set)

Kremer Pigmente Grey Watercolurs sets (2 sets)

Kremer Pigmente Colour Watercolour sets (2 sets)


Congratulations to the Winners:

Andrea Tomczyk – the PYSB 2018 Workshop Voucher.

Sandra Biskup – the Rosemary ad Co Brushes.

Christine Kaltoft and Kate Ingram – the Kremer Pigmente Grey Watercolour sets.

Kristy Kropat and Antoine Goncalves – the Kremer Pigmente Colour Watercolour sets.

The parcels will now make their way to you and we wish you all Pushing Your Sketching Boundaries supporters a very happy and full of sketches 2018!

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