Eine Stunde Aufenthalt / One hour wait

This post announces the presentation coming up this December 7th in Berlin. You are cordially invited to attend and see the exhibition of the original drawings by Rolf Schroeter. Details on the image above. Rolf will present the book himself and be available himself to sell and  sign the book for you.

We have the pleasure of presenting this book by Rolf Schroeter that collates some of his drawings from over two years urban sketching at the Zentralen Onmibusbahnof Berlin (Berlin’s Main Bus Station) – ZOB. This is what Rolf says about the place: This unique place was built in West-Berlin the late 60ties – in the times of cold war and Berlin division – and persists till now with a lot of its original structure and spirit, overlaid by the facilities and proceedings of the currently quickly expanding European long-distance-bus-market. Travellers from various origins transfer through this place, and over a period of more than two years,one hour at a time, I recorded their stories with my brushpen drawings and a few words.

Rolf has a very personal way of sketching drawing continuously with his brush pen, looking intensely to the subjects that move pass, some stay for a few minutes, he is fast while he sketches, there is no doubt about it. His paper is thin, and sometimes you see through it the other side of the sketch. The drawing capture that moment of travelling between stages, when you are about to embark on a long trip, or just arrived, when we are vulnerable, tired, a little bit on edge.

The book presentation aims to replicate the effect on the page, sometimes seeing through, as our first reader Nathalie Renotte says: “at first I was surprised by the paper, the fact that you can see the next page through it, then I realised it was like a sketch book exactly, and fitting for the style, a very sensitive decision”

Another reviewer Carola Dewor from Tübigen says: I am totally excited by the book. The drawings are very expressive and inspiring and convey the tense and strange atmosphere of that transit space – this is amplified by the little texts. I am looking forward to a sequel!

There is an interesting video of the making off here.

To order the book go here.


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