Oxford July 2014

0c7cc010-69bd-439c-b227-7b14c0f31f15It was really exciting seeing the long planning come to fruition. Swasky drove over to UK on a Mini Countryman sketched the journey – which you can see here. Meanwhile, the preparation of prints for the exhibition initial set up with work by Isabel, Miguel and Swasky was finished. On Monday, Swasky and I met at the Arts at the Old Fire Station to set up the boards for the exhibition prepare all the information for the workshop attendees and their welcome, introduction gathering and their goodies bags ( with Stillman & Birn Watercolor sketchbooks, Rosemary and Co. pocket brushes and Canson sketchbooks).  The initial welcome was followed by drinks at the nearest pub where we started to get to know each other.

e6a8f162-cfa5-488b-bc92-d1d9b25ab102Work proper started on Wednesday morning with the workshops on colour (Isabel), people (Swasky) and line (Miguel).
Each day we took a group each in the morning and one in the afternoon and took them to one of six locations to explore our themes. At the end of each session, we gathered the sketchbooks and each person put forward one sketch for the exhibition for each workshop, that we copied and we pinned up on the walls of the exhibition. The result a “work in progress” exhibition for all to see and that got attention from the visitors to the venue and the local press albeit the article was published after the event. The group photo by freelance photographer David Fleming for the Oxford mail captures the nice feel of the group at the gallery space at Arts at the Old Fire Station.