Coventry April 2015 – Space oddities

Coventry and our venue, the Herbert Gallery, were great locations to based this workshop, right in the centre of a very walkable city.
The workshop explored and pushed perspective ideas of our participants in various ways: Simone explained the more traditional one and two point perspective basics; Swasky looked at views in the round using flattened drawings and also including multiple perspective points of view on the same drawing and Isabel focused in curvilinear perspective where everything bends.

In the end, students pushed themselves a lot, they tackled complex concepts and people adapted the different ideas to their way of drawing, the results, speak for themselves – a few images below. The main lesson is not to be frightened of complexity and open the mind to different ways of representation that allow you to include more space in your drawings.
The entire group worked together in the afternoons under the direction of one of the instructors: with Swasky we did quick portraits and figures, with Simone we looked at people in urban space and at thinking about composition using thumbnails with Isabel we drew collective sketches – a view in four hands, sharing our sketchbooks and learning to adapt to others points of view.   

Our work was displayed as an exhibition at the Herbert Gallery on display during the month of April 2015

Coventry workshop group photo

Photos above: Tackling curvilinear perspective, Sea of portraits, View on the round, Drawing people in the urban landscape, Drawing team by their 4 hand drawings, Space Oddities Exhibition Wall 1.

Space Oddities – Exhibition Wall 2.