Newbury 2016 – Pushing how to look

Pushing Your Sketching Boundaries (PYSB) has been busy in 2016! We run three major workshops, each with a different focus and we enjoyed meeting all of you who came and shared the experience with us.Below is a small summary of what we got up to in Newbury.

In Newbury (UK) Isabel showed us around the town where she lives and with Inma Serrano and Swasky, pushed the way we looked. Out and about in the town, we took over the high street and the market place and were noticed by the locals “what are they doing, they were here yesterday as well and they “draw”, they just “draw”!” Swasky got fit taking people up to the tallest tower to draw and he went up and down the 130 spiral steps about 10 times in a day and a half.

We shared the exhibition of our sketches and the sketchbooks at City Arts Newbury on a glorious sunny Easter Friday with locals for a final sketch meet and welcomed Coventry and Birmingham friends to join us.

What the participants said:

“as a novice sketcher lacking confidence, it gave me a huge boost”

“I learned in the sense that I met new techniques but the learning will be ongoing as I continue to practice. I was hoping to learn about composition and I did and I learned a great deal more than I was expecting. I am a visual arts graduate but still a lot of what I learned was either new to me or it was a way of shaking me out of the ways I have got into.”

“I felt energised by the targets set and will keep up my sketchbook”